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What Is A Beer Bike? [Infographic]

Posted on: January 7th, 2014 by Chris No Comments

We get a lot of questions all the time about beer bikes. The most popular one is usually “What is that?”

So to answer that question once and for all, we created a fun infographic.

I bet you didn’t know all these facts about beer bikes! If you enjoyed this infographic, please share it with your friends!


What Is Beer Bike Infographic What Is A Beer Bike? [Infographic]


What Is A Beer Bike?

A beer bike, or “bier” bike, is a multi passenger vehicle that has its own bar top.

Passengers gather around to pedal (and drink) while the driver steers the bike. Bier bikes are used to travel from bar to bar during pub crawls and events.

Where Do They Come From?

Beer bikes were invented by an Amsterdam man in the 90’s to promote a pub during a parade.

Beer Bikes Today

Today’s beer bikes have evolved from primitive moving bars to full party vehicles with:

  • Rave lights
  • Music
  • Motors
  • And More

Most beer bikes today can hold up to 16 people.

How Fast Do They Go?

Most beer bikes clock speeds of up to 5 miles per hour.

Are Beer Bikes Safe?

Yes! Traveling from bar to bar on a beer bike is much safer than driving, especially since there’s a designated driver. And it’s more fun too.

How Do The Bikes Move?

Our bikes are 100% green! No gas, no engine, just a lil’ sweat and some pedaling.

Ten pedalers plus 5 coasters equals 15 partiers!

Calories Burned

On pub crawl tour, 200 calories on average.

On fitness tour, 600 calories on average.

Do You Have To Drink Beer On It?

No, you can drink whatever you like.

Can I Drink On The Bike?

Depending on the local government, but most cities are accommodating.

Is There A Beer Bike Tour Near Me?

We hope so. If not, you might have to travel, but it’s worth it!


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